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Officer of the Watch (unlimited) - Deck Course 

Course Title:

Officer of the Watch (OOW - unlimited) Examination Route (earlier called as 2nd Mates course)

Eligibility Requirements (Experienced Seafarer Route):

  • Minimum of 36 months of sea service on merchant ships in an acceptable deck capacity for e.g. Trainee OS, OS, AB,
    Bosun, Deck Cadet, Junior Officer, etc. whilst holding a valid medical fitness certificate recognized by the MCA, UK.
  • You should have 6 months of documented bridge watch-keeping duties in your last 12 months of sailing.

Note: Trainee OS rank sea service is acceptable in the UK for giving your Officer of the Watch - Deck (2nd Mates) exam.

Important information:
  • Prior academic qualification for e.g Class XII Science, Class X, etc., is NOT a requirement for giving the OOW exams in the UK if following the 36 months route.
  • Documentary evidence of minimum 36 months of sea service is the only requirement if following this route towards MCA Officer of the Watch in U.K.
  • Previous background of Maths & Science is not mandatory (but study & understanding of applicable concepts of Maths & Science are required to pass the exams).
  • A Training record book (MNTB or any other) is not required to be completed on board ship.
  • Further guidance in available in MSN 1856 or write to us.

Documentary Evidence of Sea Service:

The following documentary evidence would be required as proof of sea service:

  • Minimum of 36 months of sea service stamps on your CDC (even non Indian CDC for e.g. Panama, Liberia, Bahamas,
    Thai, etc. are acceptable).
  • You will also need company sea-time letter or Masters testimonials for a minimum 36 months of sea service. If you
    have done your sailing with different shipping companies, you will need to take sea-time letter from all those
    companies so that your total sea-time is atleast 36 months. If you have however taken 36 months of testimonials form
    your ships Captain, then a company sea-time letter is not compulsory. However, it is good to collect the company sea-
    time letter also.
  • The 6 months of bridge watch-keeping certificate from the Master (or the company) must mention that you have kept  8 hours of bridge watch-keeping duties every day as assistant to the main watch-keeper whilst the vessel was at sea.
    This has to be completed in your last 12 months of sea service as per your CDC.

Format for Bridge Watch-keeping Certificate and Company Sea Service Letter are as given below:

Please note that Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) and BSc Nautical Science pre-sea courses from India are not approved
by the MCA, UK. Hence, students who have done the DNS or BSc Nautical Science course also need to complete a
minimum of 36 months of sea service on merchant ships before they can give the 2nd Mates exams in the UK.

Course starting date and duration:

There are 4 batches in a year.

Jan 2021, March 2021, May 2021 & September 2021

The total course duration works out to be 7 months excluding holiday period like Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.
A student joining the January or September batch can come back with his CoC in about 8 months period if he clears all his
exams in time. A student joining the April batch will come back with his CoC in about 9 months time because of the 2
months of summer holidays & 1 month of Christmas holidays within course duration which makes the duration longer.

The visa that a student will get will be for approximately 10 - 11 months. The visa will end 2 months after the course
completion date and can start a maximum of 2 weeks before the course commencement date.

Admission Procedure:

For booking a course, you will need to scan and email / Whatsapp the following documents to us:

Email: or
WhatsApp: +44 7448408102

Once the form has been received, the college will issue an offer letter to the candidate for the course and subsequently contact you for small discussion on the admission process.

Seats get filled up about 3 months in advance and are alloted on a first come first served basis. Hence, it is always advisable
to book early so that you are assured of  seat in the college.

It is not necessary to have completed your 36 months of sea service for booking a seat in the college. However, you should
have completed your 36 months of sea service before you travel to the UK for joining the  OOW course.

East Coast College is a part of University of Suffolk. All tuition fees payment are made directly to the University account after the direct discussion session.

MCTS will never ask you for any deposit / draft to secure the seat. No college fee payment should be made to the personal account of a person in India or in UK.

Admission letter will be sent to your email address within a week of receiving your documents by us in email /
Whatsapp. Most students book their seats 9 months in advance i.e before joining ship for their last sailing contract prior to leaving for UK for their studies.

If you happen to be on board a ship, you can email / Whatsapp the scanned copies of your documents and application form
to us for the offer letter and subsequent discussion/interaction session with college & university.