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Sailing and progressing through Ranks is every seafarerís dream.

We know & share the frustration in finding the required and correct information when needed. What are the entry requirements? Which form to fill ? How much sea-time is required? How is my sea-time calculated? Visa requirements? Funds needed? etc, etc. ....

MCTS (as nominated agent of East Coast College & coordinator of other maritime colleges in UK) offer simple, clear and step by step solutions for your sea-career progression in UK.

Explore the pathway and directions for sea career in our website and come sail your ranks full away!

Important: We offer guidances / counselling services free of charge. All tuition fees are directly paid to the maritime colleges. (No service fee / booking fee will be ever asked by MCTS).

Contact us or email at admin@ukcoc.com or manager.ukcoc@gmail.com or call / text / WhatsApp us on +44 7846969388